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Unflavored Air Roast Coffee - Ground or Whole Bean

$9.75 - $16.00
Auto Drip - Regular grind for Auto Drip coffee makers, kuregs or Pour Over.
Coarse Grind - used for French Press or Percolator Pots.
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Breakfast Blend : A medium light coffee. This mix of four beans roasted light and dark makes for a slightly stronger taste.  Perfect for the morning commute or anytime.

French Roast : Strong, tart and spicy, this coffee is often blended with milder coffees to give them a fuller, deeper taste. Popular in European and American Cafes.

Fogcutter : A very popular blend of both light and dark roasted Costa Rican. A smooth, full flavored and clean cup of coffee.

Fair Trade Organic Peruvian : Grown high in the Andes Mountains this coffee has a rich, robust flavor. This coffee is grown in soil free of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Fair Trade deals are given to the farmers.

Dark Roast Costa Rican : A hardy, strong roast without the acidity and all the smoothness the Costa Rican bean is famous for.

Out of Africa : A special blend of Ethiopian, Tanzanian and Zimbabwe beans. Very smooth and full Bodied.